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Thread: Canīt delete time machine file (inProgress) from external hard drive

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    Canīt delete time machine file (inProgress) from external hard drive
    I have foolishly moved a time machine back-up file from my external drive to trash. My problem is now that I cannot delete it properly from trash. Moreover, I my external hard drive is acting up. I canīt eject the drive, I canīt write to it and I canīt delete or repair it from Disc Utility.

    The file in the trash has got ...inProgress and I have tried to empty trash with normal empty, secure empty and through Terminal.

    Time Machine has been set to off all the time.

    Any ideas on how I can solve this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Reboot without the external drive connected and try empty the trash then.

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    What is in the trash will not be in the trash if you reboot without the drive connected. Even though you have sent those files to the trash they are still stored on the external HD. I have deleted TimeMachine files before. Last time I did it, it said there were like 200,000 files to delete and it took hours to prepare and delete them. I am in the process of clearing off that drive and making a smaller partitions for TM so it will delete the file itself when that partition gets full. So you computer is probably compiling the information for deleting and only appears to hung up. But who knows...

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