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    I usually don't go for protection plans, but I did get one for my ipod and have already used it twice. In fact, the service/support was so good, I just purchased a plan for my iMac .. Of course I'm hedging that something might go wrong and the cost of fixing/replacement would cost more than the plan. I would never get a plan for a PC .. If a component breaks, I would go online and find a cheap replacement. Not so with Apple/Mac

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    Apple's warranty is a fairly standard one year for parts and labor, though the free telephone support lasts only a meager 90 days. You can extend both the warranty and the phone support to three years for an extra $349. Apple does, however, put resources into self-help. The PowerBook comes with an Apple Hardware Test CD to help diagnose hardware problems, and Apple's Web site includes an extensive knowledge base section and a large discussion board. The 120-page paper manual provides good information on connecting to the Internet and to peripherals, adding memory, and replacing the battery, and it includes various troubleshooting topics.

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