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    Opening Old MS Word Files On A New Mac
    Hi everyone.
    I'm considering making the switch.
    To open, edit, and save old MS Word files on a new mac, this is my understanding of the options.......

    A) Buy MS Office for mac.

    B) Use Bootcamp to put windows and my current office on mac

    C) From what I've read, i work will also let me do this?

    The last option interests me the most as long as it will open any of the files and will allow me to save them as they were originally.

    Any suggestions?

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    no need for bootcamp if you get office for the mac. all you gotta do is transfer your old word files to the new mac. PC word files will open fine in the mac version of word.
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    iWork will also allow you to open and edit word files on your mac.

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    I assume dabears is right about iWork, that's what I've heard, but I'm running Excel, Word, and Powerpoint all right on my mac smoothly.
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    Look at NeoOffice or Open Office. Both are free, both can read/save MS formats.

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