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    new user setup advice pls
    Hi all - switched from pc to mba. need advice re: safari vs mozilla vs google desktop. can't decide which one to use. so far i like how google allows me to integrate email, cal, to do, document sharing, etc. doe mac have something better?

    also, how best to integrate 2 .pst and 1 gmail address books? which email program helps? etc.. Thanks!

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    GOT YOU slagterd, i am a someone knew Mac user. i built my PCs for years, anyways.... I use Safari it has a google search at the top left, private browsing, bookmarks bar is great, and the tabs work great. I can load any page just as fast as any other browser. and you do not have to install it because it comes with it. You can use the mac mail, and route it through any mail account, gmail, yahoo, or whatever. You can export favorites with Safire and you can import all your contacts from your google account and such. you should be able to load both into the mac mail app, both .pst and gmail, no problem. it asks ou on start up.

    hope that made since.

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