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    Cool Recent switcher
    Hi guys!
    Just though I would introduce myself and say hello...
    Switched 5 days ago, eh, six (needless to say I love it). I work as a software and web developer and when it comes to software development Apple treats it's developers better, gosh, you don't even get compiler with Windows, and well I won't even mention some kind of IDE.
    Oh and I find Mac community very helpful, although I haven't posted here before, I found it really helpful reading discussions on Mac forums... so I was prepared for my iMac and OS X (not much to be prepared for, but still). So thanks!

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    Isn't the whole opening the box experience nice?
    I'm actually kind of disappointed - next time I get a mac, it won't be as cool - I'll already know the OS and startup chime etc...

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    Yep, opening the box, putting it on the table, plugging it in... getting to know OS X and stuff... so cool. And plus I immideatly bought small apps worth of $150... (Transmit, Delicious Library, Synergy etc.)
    Now I understand why Mac users like their machines and why we look crazy in the eyes of Windows/Linux people...

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