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Avid6eek 02-04-2005 08:53 PM

PowerMac - Internal Speaker?
Everytime I minimize or maximize a window, or scroll down a webpage, an annoying whining sound comes from within my PowerMac. I'm assuming there is some sort of internal speaker. How do I disable this?

Macman 02-04-2005 08:57 PM

thats not normal, there is no place in preferences to make a sound when minimizing a window. is it all windows every time?

Macman 02-04-2005 08:58 PM

and the g5 does have 1 small internal speaker.

Avid6eek 02-04-2005 09:04 PM

yeah....whenever minimizing or maximizing. It doesn't do it for instant message windows, just program windows.

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