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    music files
    i put 6.23 gigs of music on my ibook from burned dvd's. i puit the music in the music folder(duh). but, the folder is 12.3 gigs. so i looked and theres another folder in there called itunes which has qall my music again, but itstead of being in folders by album, it is by artist. is my music there twice? or is it suppose to be like that? i have a 60 gig HD, and theres only 20 left after the 2nd day.hmmmmmm

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    in itunes, when you open songs in itunes, it copies them into your itunes library, to disbale that, click itunes>preferences>advanced tab>uncheck where it says "copy mousic to ituines library" or something like that. once thats changed, it wont copy music in that way anymore. then delete those album>artist folders you found. or if theyre still in the itunes library when itunes is open, select all the songs and hit delete, itll say that the songs are in the itunes music folder if you wanna move them to the trash, do so if you wish, then empty the trash.

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