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Thread: iBook vs. PowerBook Dilemma

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    iBook vs. PowerBook Dilemma
    iBook vs. PowerBook Dilemma

    Iíve just orders a 12Ē iBook last week, itís due to show up tomorrow or the day after. I beefed it w/ the 60GB HD, and Bluetooth.

    After the PowerBook update Amazon dropped the price on the 12Ē PB w/ 60 GB HD to $1199 after rebate, just $138 more then Iím getting the iBook for.

    So here is my dilemmaÖ.
    Do I keep the iBook, happy that itís a nice machine.
    Ship it back, box unopened (for no fee) and order the 12Ē PowerBook?

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    For the $138 extra, I'd say your getting a much nicer system. I would definetly ship yours back, and get the new PowerBook. The PowerBook will also hold it's value longer, so if you sell it in the future for a new machine, you'll get more back for it.
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