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    Extra Terrestri
    My iBook problems, help needed please.
    Hello fellow forumites,

    I just treated myself the other day and bought an 12" iBook, which was delivered to my house over the weekend. Quite a stunner too.

    I have two problems that is making me tear the instructions up and am in a state of disappointment at the moment. I admit it may have been human error with me not fully reading the user guide (who does?).

    I installed the Mac OS X disc 1 in the drive and awaited the following instructions. I let the download begin, leaving the iBook alone I went downstairs to cook myself a nice pasta meal for the evening.

    Two hours passed and I went back upstairs to check the process, to find the screen black. I slide my finger over the pad and nothing happened. I look at the bottom, clicked the button. The battery. Gone.

    I now know that the installation didn't complete and decided to put the power source in the mains and let the download run, for the second time. This time I was in my bedroom awaiting the results.

    The download never finished after two attemps: last night and this morning. Both had the same problems along the way.

    1. ALL the languages download go up to 85% and move on to the next language, without fully getting to 100%.

    2. The download 'ends' adruptively when the message at the bottom of the screen says: "about 7 minutes" left.

    I am worried that the battery cut out did something wrong or I didn't follow the directions in some shape or form. I don't have any internet access at the moment too, is this another thing I need to take note of before re-doing the download?

    I can't do a search or the first aid option as the download hasn't finish and the programs such as the Office documents that I NEED to use can't be accessed.

    Am I buggered up or can one of you can help me out?


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    Looks like the best thing to do is a clean install of the system which will wipe your harddrive and start again.

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    Extra Terrestri
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Bobbins
    Looks like the best thing to do is a clean install of the system which will wipe your harddrive and start again.
    Without sounding stupid(!):

    How do you 're-start' the iBook altogether?


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    hold down the power button for a few seconds, itll shut down and then push it again to start it up. to reinstall the os, youll need to boot from the os install disc do so, insert the disc and shut down as above, then startup holding 'C' on the keyboard,
    follow the onscreen instructions.

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    Extra Terrestri
    You sweet *******!

    Thank you very much!

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