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    Scrolling shortcut, spotlight attachments, keyboard macros

    Here are the three things that I haven't been able to figure out via Google or forum searches...

    1. Email scrolling.
    In, how can I move quickly to the top message in my inbox? Currently, I hit <fn>+<up arrow> a bunch of times. I'm wondering if there's a smarter keyboard shortcut.

    2. Find attachments from

    I like spotlight, and I can use it to easily find all of the messages that someone has sent me. But usually I'm interested in an attachment that person has sent me. It would be very cool if the spotlight results could be modified to display a paper clip. Sorting the inbox won't cut it, I sort my mail into folders.

    3. Keyboard Macros
    I'd love to be able to assign a key to enter my street address, or full name, etc. Anyone know an application that will do this across Firefox, Mail, Word, etc?



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    1. fn+left arrow (Used to be labelled "home," but they took the function labels off the keys for no good reason.)

    2. Create a Smart Mailbox that shows only messages with attachments

    3. QuickKeys is king of automation on the Mac, but it's $80. TextExpander will do what you need for $30. There are probably others.

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    Mar 08, 2008
    Fantastic info, much appreciated.

    I am an Apple One-to-One customer, and I setup an appointment every time I accumulate a laundry list of stuff I can't figure out. On my most recent visit, these were the three unanswered items the trainer said "couldn't be done"...

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    Search attachments NOT using a smart mailbox
    hi there

    1. fn-left arrow did not work for me. but i dont really need that shortcut.

    2. is there a way to do this without using a smart mailbox? I would like to be able to use the search field to search for attachments - i often find myself searching for an attachment of a particular sender. so i would like to be able to search for "from:bob attachment:yes" to get all attachments for bob. I could of course search in the smart mailbox "has attachment" but then i would have to first move there etc.

    3. 1password can do that trick as well if its about filling in a form with you address etc. Otherwise textexpander is very good.

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