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    Two simple questions from a possible switcher
    In Finder, there is no 'up' button for navigation, like you get in Windows or Linux.. personally I find it a major omission; will Tiger have one?

    Is there a way of getting a 'network activity' icon at the top of the screen a la Windows or Linux? (ie. the '2 monitors' icon you get in the Windows system tray) I don't mean a large icon in the dock, but a small icon that lets me know when there is network activity in a simple visual form.

    Thanks in advance :D

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    Desolate One
    If you use the 3rd view choice (command+3), you can use the back arrow button to go "up a level".

    As for the network icon I believe I recall someone else mentioning one not too long ago. Give it a search, you should be able to find it.

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    1. you can add in panther in the toolbar a ppath drop down menu, itll have any folders you went through to get to the current one, or you can always just put the folders you access most in the sidebar.
    2.I think theres a way, just never had a need for such a thing, so im not sure.

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    Yeah I have added all the buttons to the toolbar that I can.. (I'm using OS 10.3.7 and pearpc at present.. slow but fully functional). I know there are ways of navigating which get you to the same place as 'up' but they're not quite as intuitive imo.. I have filled in the feedback section on Apple's site to ask for this and a network activity icon anyway, maybe they'll provide it in future, who knows.

    I couldn't find info on the network icon from a search; if anyone knows of one please let me know!

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    err Apple+uparrow goes up a directory

    Edit: there is no system network info icon but there are 3 or 4 third party apps that let you see Tx:Rx and the like in your menubar and/or on the desktop (I like iPulse). To see detailed stuff about the network theres Network Utility in your Applications/Utiities folder, thats pretty much all the gnu network utils bundled with a pretty gui, its real handy.

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    Also dont forget trying column view, its directory navigation with arrows, I find it reaaaalllly fast...

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    if you goto 'view' in the menu bar of the finder and click on 'customize toolbar' then drag the 'path' icon into your toolbar thats pritty handy for going up a folder. As for the network veiwers their are loads of free and shareware ones for the download, i like 'X Resource Graph' the most as it also gives lots of other info about the system and its free.

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    I downloaded menumeters which provides a handy network activity icon for the menubar.. I couldn't actually get it working in pearpc though, but that's a pearpc issue I expect. The cpu, HDD and ram meters worked though. The network icon appeared but didn't show any activity - and I did have it set to the correct network adapter as well. Anyway I'm sure it would work on a real Mac, so there's one question resolved! Shame about the lack of a proper 'up' button though.

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    Good idea

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