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Thread: a total newbie to mac is totaly lost

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    Unhappy a total newbie to mac is totaly lost
    thanks for opening this

    I was a pc user for the 10 years and and on a verry limited budget,I have been given a Imac with a 500 mhz procesor and osx 10.2 installed on it.The problem with the mac is it still has alot of the persons info on it.
    Now being a old pc user ,(and to use their lingo),Id like to put a fresh copy of osx on it ,theirfore eliminating all the old users junk and settings.Now being a old pc user i downloaded a 4 cd version from a torrent of osx 10.4,made a bootable disk using nero 8 of the first cd,pluged it in ,restarted the mac and pressed the option key to get to the boot devices menu ,and the only option i am seing is the hard drive.The 4 cd version of osx are dmg files.
    do i just have pc users onesided thinking?or am i on the right track?


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    It will be a lot easier if you have the original CDs instead of a pirated version.

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    Why not do the right thing and pay 100 for OS/X?
    I don't think anybody here wants to help a pirate.

    Just because you are on a "limited budget" does not give you the right to steal.

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    We don't discuss, promote or assist in piracy here.
    Read the forum rules.
    Thread Closed.
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