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    finder high cpu usage...
    I noticed today the finder was using 80% cpu in activity monitor. I clicked info to see what it was doing and it had to do with my external time machine drive. The external drive was active when the finder cpu was at 80%. This happened for about 7 minutes before finder came back down to 0%. Does anybody have a clue why finder might be doing that? I am just curious thats all.

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    That was "Time Machine" doing its backing up. It uses the Finder function for file and folder gathering.


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    I ran into this problem today, finder was using 100% of a CPU with 10.6.1.

    I moved everything off of my desktop into a folder and it immediately went down to normal. I've seen references online to this kind of issue with jpg files; not sure if it was a jpg or what but it solved my problem.

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    High Finder CPU usage
    I had exactly the jpg on the desktop problem! As soon as I copied them off, went back to normal! Running 10.6.4

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    I have been telling people for YEARS to clean off their dang desktops, that it slows the machine down (by making the Finder work harder than it has to). You guys must have had a TON of stuff on the desktop but now I have proof that this is a good practice outside my own (and my clients') experiences.


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