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    Google Search Problem
    Hi All. New here hope someone can help me!
    My Firefox Google toolbar has started doing wierd ****. Whenever I do a search, the results list displays with a > in front of every link (in blue). When i click the link, it redirects to a number of wierd places such as: News, Events, Articles, Search, Archives and more or and usually then to
    Pay Per Click Ads from Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture)
    and then ends up at some place totally unrelated to the link I clicked in the Google results list.

    No I am a cyber numb-nut but my guess is firefox (or something more sinister) has downloaded some sort of thingy that's causing this re-dricetion to what are mostly shopping and/or gambling sites.

    HAVE I BEEN INFECTED??? it's a Macbook Pro with Firefox 3.0.4

    I have reinstalled Firefox now I'm out fo ideas. CAN ANYONE HELP????



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    have you downloaded any codecs lately at the request of a website in order to watch a video?

    If so you have downloaded a trojan that is redirecting your browsers to those sites, info on removing the trojan can be found here

    First Look: Trojan Horse warning: What you need to know | Macworld
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