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    All Images
    I have recently upgraded from a G4 to a G5 Mac Pro with Leopard installed. In the side panel on the desktop there is a file named "All Images" the contents of this file breed like cockroaches. Every time I open an image or document it creates a duplicate icon in the "All Images" file. At present the info' in the bottom bar merely says "More than 10,000 items". If I delete an icon from "All Images" all those files connected to that icon disappear, where ever they are located. I have a couple of websites up and running and the local files of that deleted image also vanish. I have tried dragging an icon from "All Images" on to the desktop. I then have two icons, one in "All Images" and one on desktop. If I drag the desktop icon into the trash, then the "All Images" icon also vanishes.
    Is there any way of getting rid of some of these files, otherwise I could end up with millions of duplicates? What would happen if I dragged/dropped the "All Images" file into the trash? Any advice would be appreciated. With regards, Bryan

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