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    Speech feedback icon...
    Okay, so, I played a game of chess on my Mac, and the speech icon came up when I tried to figure out how to turn the voice off. Well, long story short, the voices turned off, but icon for Speech Feedback won't go away, even with chess closed. All I want to do is turn off the Speech Feedback icon, it comes on every time I turn on my computer and it's driving me crazy! Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    Look in speech in system preferences under speech recognition to see if anything is turned on

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    speech icon
    system preferences, force quit your chess game, it should go away

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    I struggled with this as well. Despite doing all of the things I found in forums, i couldn't make the icon leave the doc. Even restarting wouldn't get rid of it. Finally I went in to Activity Monitor and just shut down the process.

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    am not sure if ur still looking for answer or not but's the process to turn it off or remove from the dock. go to:->
    system preference->system (4th row in system preference box)->click on speech->speech recognition tab->speakable items: on or off->select off and speech feedback icon will disappear. to turn it back on just turn the speakable items on.

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    speech feedback icon
    Thanks guys, that was like having a thorn removed from my paw. Last time I fiddle with speech recognition. It struggles with UK English diction anyway.

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    An Old and New version of the story.

    Old Story: The SPEECH FEEDBACK icon has so far been impossible to remove from the dock. I've tried everything in this thread, to no avail. (System Prefs>Dictation&Speech | Accessibility... I think I've crawled through each and every radio button and check box...)

    New Story: SPEECH FEEDBACK icon actually 'disappears' from the dock under one condition... that's when I QUIT one application, Parallels 8. And it reappears when Parallels8 is started again.

    Whoa... any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    Do you have accessibility settings in the virtual machines you run under Parallels? It may be turning the assistance feature on for the VM. (Just a guess, I don't really know that for sure.)

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