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    Keychain password box keeps popping up in Mail
    I am a fairly new/first time Mac user (24" iMac desktop) and I need help. Out of the blue, the keychain password box keeps popping up in Mail. I've put the password in and checked the box for it to save to my keychain and the box still pops up. Mail works fine, so no problems there, just the annoying box. I went into keychain and made sure that it's unlocked for my email, so it shouldn't be doing this, but it still is. Any ideas, suggestions, hints?? Thank you in advance.


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    I don't have an answer. I do however have the same problem from time to time here. No rime or reason, just decides to ask for a password. I have several e-mail accounts on the same server and it will only ask for one. Strange.

    If you figure it out let me know.


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    Inside of the Keychain Access Application, click on preferences. Click on the reset keychain button. It may ask for your password. Then where you saw preferences, one down from it is Keychain first aid. Click on that and then a new window should appear. Type in your password, select Repair and run it as many times until you see no errors. After this, you should no longer see the keychain problem. Hope this helps
    - Mike
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