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    Linux web developer looking for advice!
    Hey guys an girls,
    Im a web developer, im well into my linux but really fancy migrating across to mac. I've always thought it was too expensive to get invloved in the mac scene. but i've seen some real decent prices on G4 cube's on auction websites.

    Can anyone help me by telling me if a G4 cube is a good machine for a web developer to use? Im into my debian pure desktops, I love Quanta development enviroment. I do quite a lot of work with graphics, however I'm more invloved with the codin.

    I guess what im worried about is if I get a G4 Cube, will i find it slow on comparrison to my usual linux platforms (1.5gig hz 0.5 -1 gig ram)? and are there good program equivilients?

    thanks! x

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    just get a 1GHz cube... they're there,,,,

    but i think that it will be cheaper to get a mac mini
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    ya, I would look to the mini. cubes have become a cult collector item, and are way too expensive.

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    well i really fancy a cube mini, but once i put wireless networking in, 512 ram, it gets more expensive than i can afford :rolleyes: . There are some really cheap cubes on ebay (like ~150) but only about half a gig. Im keeping my eye out for a 1 gig version. Is there a decent development enviroment? Like quanta? screenshots + info

    hum! im very keen to get a mac now though, done quite a bit of scouting round and reading up on them! :mac:

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    Also does os X come with apache support? is it easy to get PHP installed and running various modules ie GD lib? im presuming it supports MySQL too? cheers

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    Apache is included, besides: You can always use a powerPC linux distribution if you want to...

    Not sure about the rest... but I'd think so since it's all unix based.

    Maybe check apple's developer section, they have TOOOOONS of developer information and documents...

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    Yeah it comes with XAMP if you are familiar with LAMP

    XAMP - OS X, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl

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