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    Euro Plug end

    Just had my iBook shipped from Canada to my address in Gemany. We aobviously have diffent plug ends and elec. current here in Europe. To use my iBook here, do I only need to change the plugs physical end to fit the Euro-socket? Of, do I need to convert the current to N. American standards?

    Also, I just switched to Apple from the PC world and have been reading some articles about the iBook that have me alittle dismayed. They were trashing the ATI 9200 card and the slow FSB speed of the iBook. Should I be upset by the performance of my iBook versus what I could have had from the PC world?

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    Check the writings on the power adapter. If it says something like 110V-220V you only need a European plug.
    Otherwise, you need to buy either a 220V to 110V converter or an European iBook poweradapter.
    And about the performance, as long as you're not looking for the highest SPS-rate at the highest resolution in any actual game, you won't be disapointed.
    Especially once you've got used to OS Xs easiness and stability...
    Jut one tip: If you ordered it with the standard 256MB, add a 512MB module. Os X performance depends a lot on memory, and 512MB is the least you need to work comfortably. As your iBook has the 256MB soldered on the mainboard, adding a 512MB module would give you 768MB, which is very comfortable...

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    Glad to hear that. In fact, I was told this by a few others and ordered and extra 512 RAM chip.

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