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    Safari won't accept any cookies?
    Hey I'm having a problem that seems to have been here since I got my mac. In Safari preferences I have cookies enabled and set to accept all. It usually works, like when I sign into email or such it will remember my password. But other sites I go to it will say "Sorry you don't have cookies enabled in your browser and can't continue." I also do a course online and once I've logged in I can go to a lesson. At the top of the screen lists other lessons and if I click a different one it jumps back to the Please Sign In page because it doesn't know I'm logged in. I sign in and it goes back to the start. This also happened when using various other sites so I know it's not site related. I also tried Internet Explorer and it does the same thing. If I use FireFox on the mac all these sites work fine. Same with if I use IE or FireFox on my PC. It's just Safari and IE on the mac. Is there a way to repair Safari or has anyone else heard of this? It's really frustrating. Thanks.

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    Safari is known to have its incompatabilties with websites, not a lover of IE anyway i tend to stick to Firfox for the majority of my browsing offers a lot more features than Safari/IE. Although Safari does seem faster.

    If you want to give me an example of these sites your having problems with maybe we could take a look to help you out.

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    i dont have no mac's
    i have a similar problem with a website at times, but i know it is just incompatibilities

    have you tried offering safari oreo's or chewy chips ahoy???

    (lame joke)

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    ...I've noticed it too...

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