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    Returning Macbook
    I purchased an aluminum macbook 2 weeks ago. However do to recent thing happening in my life im not able to afford this at all. I already sold my other macbook but i bought that a month ago. Does anyone know if apple will take the aluminum macbook back and give me a refund.


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    There is a 10% restocking fee charged on returning a machine within 14 days of purchasing it. I believe, however, it depends on the manager of the store where you bought it - in other words, he\she can waiver the restocking fee under certain special circumstances. Speak to the manager.

    If they refuse to take it back or want to charge a restocking fee, you can always sell it and take a small loss.


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    yeah, it really is up to the manager's discretion.
    My advice is that if the first mac store turns you down, go ahead and head to the other store and hope the manager there will be much kinder.

    good luck!

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    So you're buying a new Mac every fortnight and then getting rid of it?

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    He already said something happened with his life so he can't afford it anymore, that's why he's selling it, and no I don't think he'll buy another Mac? lol. What do you mean exactly, Alexis?
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