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    Recent switcher: problem with itunes
    Hi! I've recently bought an aluminium macbook and I have an issue with itunes.

    When I copy music files to the itunes music folder they don't appear automatically in the Itunes library (unless I play the songs). How can I solve this problem?

    Many thanks!
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    Open iTunes go to file>add to library.

    Then you should be able to see your music.
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    Are you adding tunes to the library using the finder (manually putting in music files to the Itunes folder)

    Itunes will not pick these up in the library, you need to drag new music into the library icon within the iTunes window, then they will be copied in to the Library folder on your hard disk
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    Also make sure your itunes is copying your music for you too if that's what you want.

    Itunes > Preferences > Advanced > Copy Files to Itunes music folder when adding.

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