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    Repair person on my iMac said this....
    (This person does Applecare Warranty work). he is fixing my optical drive. - i asked him to also investigate why the iMac is slower now that when new - more spinning beach ball.
    He said he needed to fine tune some of the data files on the hard drive in order to speed it up again - and if i didn't do that i could have a hard drive crash. - an extra $50. bucks. Couldn't exactly tell me which files or why - just needed fine tuning.
    Sounded peculiar to me so i declined.
    Does it sound like i made right decision? I re[air permissions every so often and run scripts. Isn't this sufficient?

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    You made the right decision about not paying him the extra $50.00, that's for sure. As far as speeding up your iMac, doing the regular maintenance routines will help. For starters, download and install the very useful OnyX application and run it at least once a week.

    OnyX 1.9.9 - MacUpdate

    You might also want to take a look at what programs you have starting up automatically when the system boots. Open the activity monitor app and see what's running right after you boot into OS X.


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    That guy's taking you for a mug. He sounds like a crook to me!

    Do a full disk repair - boot up from your OS X CD, choose Disk Utility and pick Repair Disk.

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    What state do you live in? That sounds very much like a dood I know from Arizona. He has used those exact words before with me and I LOLed at him!

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