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Thread: Mail Question-Creating Folders & Subfolders

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    Mail Question-Creating Folders & Subfolders
    I've had all my Outlook email/contacts moved to Mac side...iMail. Very happy so far but not sure how to do:

    Creating additional folders
    Creating sub-folders

    When they moved all data over to iMail, multiple folders were automatically created & I had to go rename all. Fine.

    I cannot make additional folders?

    I made a smart Mailbox but cannot move inbox items to it??

    Why can't I simply make additional folders to drop emails into?

    As usual, I'm sure it's easy, but I'm hunting down a solution.

    Thx in advance!!

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    Have you tried selecting "Mailbox" from the main menu and then select "New Mailbox"? Just name the new Mailbox and where you would like to place it.

    New Mailbox = new folder.


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    FYI... a "smart" anything (folder, mailbox, etc.) on the MAC is just that, uhm.... smart. It operates via the "rules" you define.

    For example if you created a SMART folder that collected JPGs, then (miraculously?) without moving *anything*, that folder would look like it contains all your jpgs.

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    Wow, I thought I tried that...silly me.

    Worked like a charm or what I wanted.


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