Ok, ok...
So I bought the 1st 1GHz TiBook I have expecting there was going to be a problem with the screen. The seller said "Sometimes the screen is distorted." However, he failed to mention the fact the computer FREEZES UP COMPLETELY when this happens.

I searched the internet for the past 2 days to see if other people have had this problem before. There is 1 trick that sometimes works and that is to slide a piece of scotch tape folded up underneath the hard drive cable that is usually pinched by the palmrest panel. That usually solves the problem. I did that and the computer still freezes, even worse than ever. The hinges are really,really tight on this TiBook. I need to hold the palmrest down with one hand to adjust the screen. When I do that, often the laptop freezes. So you're probably thinking "Oh it's just the display cables that are gaffed up. Nah, not that easy. The laptop doesn't wake up from sleep, and freezes if I place it on a surface - meaning I have to place it on a surface like it's a 300 year old antique to keep it from freezing. Sometimes it freezes when I plug in the power adapter to it and unplug it.

Two questions and I'd deeply appreciate some good advice:

#1. Why is it doing this? I have a feeling it's a faulty hard drive as the hard drive "Clicks" at random quite often. Or could it be a combination of a faulty hard drive and logic board? I can't imagine it being anything to do with the screen....It's a 5 year old laptop - surely if it was to be with the display, it would've been fixed a long time ago.

#2. What should I do about it? I purchased a 667MHz and 1GHz TiBook yesterday from eBay. The 667 MHz TiBook needs new hinges and the 1GHz TiBook has pressure marks all over the screen but the hinges are good. I was thinking I could take the screen from the 667 and put it on the 1GHz model. However that would mean the 667 would then be non-functional. Would it make more sense to take the newly purchased 1GHz's logic board and hard drive, and install it into this one (The 1Ghz I'm on now.) and see if the same problems as it's having now arise? Or should I just get a new hard drive and see if all the problems go away? It just wouldn't make sense that it's the hard drive alone....Why would the computer freeze after unplugging and plugging in the power adapter then? I'm stumped.