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    RAID setup for Mac Pro
    Hi, I'm wondering what would be a good RAID setup for a Mac Pro for maximum drive access speed? I was thinking of having two 15000rpm drives setup in RAID 0 (striped) and a third drive setup in RAID 1 (mirror of the two 15000rpm drives in case of a drive failure)

    Im not even sure if this is possible to have RAID 0 and 1 setup like this, it will be my first time using RAID....

    Please feel free to give me suggestions. I'm open to all suggestions.

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    You're basically looking to do a RAID 1+0 setup:

    You'd need 4 drives (all the same size) that you could configure like this:

    Drive A + Drive B in a striped RAID 1 config.
    Drive C + Drive D are also in a RAID 1 config, but are setup to be RAID 0 mirrors of drives A+B.

    Nested RAID levels - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Thank you for your response. Ok so there is the option of the RAID 0+1 setup like you mention. What about a RAID 5 setup? Isn't that where two drives are striped and one is mirrored therefore offering both speed and safety? I read on apple website that RAID 5 utilise 3 drives and if one drive fails no data is lost. I think I want to do the RAID 5 setup... I wonder if all the drives have to be the same type (speed and size), I'm not so sure.

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