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Thread: Zip then FTP

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    Zip then FTP
    I would like to set up a script or something that would automaticly the frist time I start up my new Mac for the day. This script would zip up a list of files based on the list in a text file? then ftp this ziped up group of files to a of line server.

    I have never used a script file.

    I had this working on my pc. It would look at a date file and if different then zip the files then ftp the ziped file. I used 7zip and windows ftp and created a batch file to do the work. It would run each time in the start up of windows.

    Can someone point me in the right direction.


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    Use Automator and Transmit's Automator actions:

    You can specify a folder, tell Finder to zip it and then use Transmit to sync that folder.

    Save the whole kaboodle as an application and then set it as one of your login items.

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    OK thanks I got most of it working except the FTP part.

    I have downloaded upload to FTP v1.5 and installed it but I can not find it in the items available in the Automator.

    I also downloaded ClasicFTP and got it to work but how do get programs to run in automator?

    I have looked for it using finder but still can not get it to be an action in automator.


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    Got it to work.....


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