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    Can I ask a dumb ? please :) 1st Gen Macbook ( CoreDuo)
    Been a strictly PC user / Tech( work ) for awhile and recently have come to love leopard , Loved it so much I bought a Mini(1.83 C2D 4gb) and now use that as my main computer which I love . Have been doing some contracted work for a local shop with some apple laptops ( used/reconditioned/new ) and I use them everyone in awhile ...see how they are .
    I have come very fond of a older G4Powerbook but as much as I love it I dont think I would buy a G4 on the idea of apple going strictly Intel on next release and just longevity ... Intel's are going to be in Macs . Theres one intel Macbook there I use and do like BUT its a 1st gen 1.83 Coreduo with 2 gb, not a C2D .

    From some research I did it seems the older 1st gen Intel macbooks are signifigantly Faster . I pretty much use my laptop just for web/email/chat , light work ( pages...numbers ) but I do at times game and usually WoW ( not too much ) . now even though I was very skpetical of the intergrated graphics on the Mini I purchased , I can play WoW very niceley but again I figure that I have maxed the RAM out on it .

    Basically asking do the 1st gen Macbooks ( CoreDuo) feel/seem that much slower than the C2D's? Trying to keep business obviously where I work but seeing prices online for the C2D's its very hard to resist .

    Pardon for the ignorance of the question

    Thanks for reading

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    See if this helps. If it's not the exact answer your looking for, look around the website. It compares a lot of models, specs, etc.. May start you in the right direction. At least you can compare specs on what you're looking for.
    What are the differences between the "Late 2006" MacBook Core 2 Duo models and the original MacBook notebooks that they replaced? @
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    Sep 21, 2008
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    Mac Mini 1.83 C2D / 4 GB ( installed ) / 80 GB
    Very cool . thank you for the reply and great link , Lots of good info for someone coming into mac realm. Least on the hardware side ....
    And to make me feel even more dumb is that the macbook I have been checking out is a C2D , Guess I had a brain fart

    Pretty simple choice now ..... Thanks again for the link soul

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