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    Max, Maya, Zbrush on Mac?
    im doing 3d modelling and animation but when i finish i will be doing all sorts of media for my portfolio, film, editing, composing etc.

    i know mac is best for music and film, but how is it on the graphics front?

    do the new imacs and MBP's support the newest versions of these programs now or not? because having a computer than can run all of what i want would be a dream. (final cut, logic, pro-tools, and the three in the topic)

    also will it support Adobe's CS4 programs?

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    Yes. Yes. yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes.
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    really? thats amazing. when i googled the question everyone said that is wasn;t but im guessing this is because they were old topics.

    so max 2009, maya 2009, zbrush 3.1 and photoshop cs4 will all work on OSX as smoothly as if installing on windows?

    sounds brilliant.

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    3ds Max is not available for the Mac. However, if you also run Windows on your Mac (using bootcamp), in theory you'd be able to run the Windows version of Max. (I don't use 3ds Max, so I can't say this for certain, but I haven't heard anything to the contrary.)

    All of the others are indeed available for Mac.

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    cool, i will be cutting max out of my workflow when i come to do my portfolio anyway. which will be very music and film orientated too which is why i wanted to switch.

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