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    New MB or Prior Model MBP?
    Hi all, need some assistance with choosing my new mac laptop. I have been an avid PC user for all my life and am now crossing over to the world of mac.

    The two laptops that I am considering are:

    The new MB 2.4 GHZ Model: MB467LL/A $1,599.99 from Best Buy
    Last Generation MBP 2.5 GHZ Model: MB134LL/A $1,699.99 from Best Buy

    I want to purchase the laptop from Best Buy due to their 2 year interest free offer.

    One question that I have is that will either laptop be able to run dual monitors? What I mean by dual monitors is having different applications opened and running; one on the laptop screen and a different application on an external monitor? And being able to switch from one monitor to the other by simply moving the mouse pointer?

    I am pretty sure that the last generation MBP is able to do this with a special adaptor?

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    Both will work for this. It is a hard one. The MBP has a good GPU, more power but the MB has DDR3 and easy access HDD for easy upgrades. I would go MB but I would be very happy with the last gen pro too.
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    Go with the last gen Macbook pro. You get 2 firewire ports as opposed to none on the Macbook, a NON-glossy screen, higher resolution panel at 1440 X 900 compared to 1280 X 800, dedicated 512 MB 8600GT graphics card that is dual link dvi, a real DVI port instead of that mini display port, and as good or better battery life. Coming from the windows world you are going to appreciate the dedicated graphics card if you do anything that will use it. The 9400M is nice, but it is not a dedicated graphics. It is still onboard graphics. I find the redesigned Macbook to be a nice computer, but a bit overpriced for the features. For only $200 more from $1499 to $1699 you are getting significant upgrades, and a true "pro" laptop.

    You are also only paying $1699 for what was $2499 less than a month ago. I have one identically spec'd to what you are looking at, and when the new ones came out I bought one identically spec'd from the outlet for my wife. It is a great computer. As far as value, and overall power and usefulness, I give the nod to the last gen Macbook Pro.

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    Thanks for all your imput
    Well.... I went to the best buy only to find out that the last gen MBP was an open box with the lid badly scracthed an dented. I could not justify the price for the condition that the MBP was in even with the taking an additional 100.00 off of the price bringing the price down to 1,599.00. I wanted to get apple care and not the geek squad black tie extened service contract, I figured due to the poor condition that the MBP was in that apple care would cover it if anything was or should go wrong with it.

    So I went with the new MB and could not be happier!

    Thanks for all your imput

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