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    I cannot seem to entirely delete Internet Explorer from my Mac
    I am running Tiger 10.4.11, and a while ago i downloaded Internet Explorer for a class. Of course it wouldn't run (I was hoping it would run in Wine...), so I deleted it. Most likely I believe I had originally downloaded IE7. Now I have CrossOver, and I am trying to download IE6, which should run in CrossOver, but when I attempt the download it says a newer version is already installed. I can't find any other versions on my computer...any ideas how I can find the missing components so I can download IE6?

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    You're probably going to have to remove WINE and Crossover in order to get rid of any IE7 leftovers. If you were using Windows XP I could direct you to the exact registry entry to remove and get rid of it. But I'm unfamiliar with where the entries are stored when using WINE\Crossover. You might be able to search in their respective preference files - and maybe remove it that way.


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    In Crossover...

    Configure > Manage Bottles

    Select the bottle containing IE7 and remove it.

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