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Thread: Switcher Questions

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    Switcher Questions
    Hi All

    Just a couple of questions if I may,

    What DVD-RW are people using (brand speed etc)

    Is there any free photo shop software as fance playing around but have never used anything like this so wouldnt want to shell out for CS4

    Many thanks

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    I use sony DVD's and have never had any problem. Never really looked at the speed though.

    I think Gimp makes a Mac version for free you can find it through google.

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    On the DVD front, I have bought Apple Branded and generic in the past. For some reason, DVD -R seems more reliable in my MacBook, even though in theory DVD +R should be.

    Panasonic or Memorex are good brands, go with those. I would never burn faster than 2x for anything critical. Wasting a DVD with a poor burn is annoying.

    iPhoto allows for quite a lot of editing, this will come with your Mac, so play with that first. The GIMP is free and very powerful, although not necessarily for the Newbie, you could give it a try. You need X11 to install it.
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    1. Don't use any cheap rubbish. I don't use a particular brand just whatever is on offer at the time (Usually Verbatim, Sony, Kodak etc.)

    2. You could try The Gimp (I've never used it personally so not sure what it is like) GIMP - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET

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