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    Transferring data from PC to MAC
    Still new to this MAC stuff, will be buying my MacBook on Tuesday. But I have a few questions about things I've been reading about transferring data. So I transfer things by USB flashdrive and I have an external HD I use a lot. I was reading that I can't hook up my external HD to my MAC and transfer stuff? Than I won't be able to use my HD to transfer stuff to my PC again? I'm a bit confused. How do I make this "compatible" for all my computers? I also transfer a lot of songs and movies with friends. Is this going to be a problem now? Thanks for the help. My PC is on standard format, I'm not sure if its FAT32 or NTFS.

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    No worries man. Don't get so worked up, you can just take your PC with you to an Apple store and they will transfer all of your Data for you. Its priceless when you buy a Mac. Just bring the PC and the guys at the Genius bar will take car of EVERYTHING!

    Hope this helped, unless you live nowhere near an Apple Store.
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    Congratulations in getting a Mac.

    Have a look at the following link It has some stuff at the bottom regarding file transfer from PC to Mac

    Hope this helps.
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