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    External HD issues (PC vs. Mac)
    Hi, I've got a desktop PC with an external HD nearly full, and a new Macbook. When I try to hook up the HD to the Macbook, it insists that I need to reformat the drive (presumably because it's only been used with the PC up till now). I realize the NTFS formatting that exists on the HD, but I'm terrified that reformatting the HD will erase the entire thing and lose all my work. Any ideas?

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    You can consider using NTFS-3g.
    It allows you to read and write to the HD with NTFS format.
    Hope this may help^^

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    Formatting your external drive will certainly erase all your data. Can you copy it to your mac then reformat it before copying your data back again?
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    Sawday - not nearly enough room on the Mac, I wish I could do that!

    How do you use NTFS-3g?

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