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    mp3 tagging: two questions
    So I bought my first Mac a week ago. I added some music to my computer, synced it to iTunes and found it had all been moved around on my hard drive!

    The problem is obviously that it hadn`t all been tagged properly, but I also have quite a few compilation albums, and don`t really want iTunes breaking them up by artist.

    I need to re-tag a lot of my mp3s, then. But now that iTunes has re-ordered them all, what`s the best way for me to put them back in their original folders so that I`m able to re-tag them properly?

    Here`s my second question:

    What mp3 tag editor would you recommend? I used mp3tag for Windows and it was perfect for my needs: you open a folder and re-tag things like album title and artist in batches - without the program trying to be too clever and doing something you don`t want done.

    I know there are plenty of existing threads on this topic, but the ones I`ve seen quickly get full of technical speak I don`t understand. Please use simple language and take into account that I know almost nothing about Macs!


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    The answer to both questions is an App called "Media Rage". Not free but worth the $$$$. It will do everything you are asking.

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    also depending on how much music you are talking about iTunes can be pretty effective.

    You can sort by albums so that your compilations are together and then select a total compilation. Get info and change the album artist. Then it will keep the track names of the songs but should keep the album organized by the album artist.

    I am still working out all the mp3 tagging stuff so I am not sure about any apps that could take care of it though

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