I have question, and i hope some of you guys can help me out with. Tonight my macbook pro's function keys basically switched themselves.. My F11 & 12 key control my volume and the F4 key operates the display and F5 set itself to the brightness control... Ive been to system preferences, and keyboard setting, made sure that the F1 and F2 click box wasn't lit so that I could access my function keys without the fn key... Went to keyboard Shortcuts to try and set up the F keys using the double click method to change them, but there is no volume click box option... to choose from.. any ideas as to what this could be I've tried restoring defaults I've basically done everything `I know how to but I cant reset the keys without the click boxes with the descriptions for the keys in the command center to set them too... odd thing on a side note is that when you go to the keyboard shortcut menu the the keys and the descriptions for them are set up like this
F1 Turn full keyboard access on or off
F2 Move focus to the menu bar
F3 Move focus to the dock
F4 Move focus to the active window or next window
F5 Move focus to the window toolbar
F6 Move focus to the floating window
F7 Move between controls or text boxes and lists
F8 Move focus to the status bar
F9 All windows
F10 Application windows
F11 Desktop
F12 Dashboard

Also my num lock and caps lock key to not work now.. Any idea what this could be :S as everything I have tried does not seem to fix this issue...

Kind Regards,