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    Mac - Bootcamp (Switching back to OS)
    Recently I bought a Apple Macbook, this is my first so at first I was a bit un used to the buttons etc. now I am getting used to things and exploring it further.

    I encountered bootcamp and it changed it to windows which I was quite aware of, haha.

    Now I am in a pickle as I don't know how to get it back (OS mac).

    How do you switch it back? As I am new I'm not sure what some of the keys are called so please use dummy terms

    Thanks guys!

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    Several ways to boot back to OS X:

    Assuming you correctly installed Windows via Boot Camp - You can either right click on the Boot Camp icon in the system tray or select Boot Camp from Control Panel. Select boot to OS X.


    Reboot the machine from Windows and hold down the Option key. Select your Macintosh HD as boot device.


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    under system preferences and bootcamp, you can run the setup installer and remove that partition and windows, so you can be back to normal 1 partition hard drive (oem shipped state)

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