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    New guy to macs...
    ...where do I start?

    I have worked on pc's since 1996 and currently work in IT. Until recently I haven't had much exsposure to macs. My current gf has a G5 so I figured it was time I start learning about them. She wanted to connect to my wireless router so I found a cheap airport card on ebay. Worked like a charm. Install/reboot/configure security settings. So where can I learn about troubleshooting, upgrading, and repairing macs? I am tempted to buy a used one on ebay.

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    Go ahead and buy one and learn as you go. While I no doubt think you can get mac training, many mac experts have just fallen in to the role.

    You can get mac authorised qualifications tho.

    Welcome to the forum as well, you will find this a goldmine of helpful info whenever you have any questions
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    The IT community needs more MAC guys, I have worked for many companys where I am the only mac user and you see the IT guys stumble... sad but true

    get Mac certified and you will see how many doors open for you, im tempted to certify myself

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    im a windows 2003 server admin, got sucked into the job, occasionally i wish i had an OSX server, but i feel at ease when i come home and jump on my mac. never issues, no blue screens of death. NEVER AN ISSUE. unlike winblows....

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