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    New Mac purchase any day but need advice or input, please
    Hello all,

    I've been researching & reading many many comments regarding MACS & waited for new launch of MBP to see what makes sense...I want to switch since I'm sick & tired of issues on MS/PC side. Everyone I've talked to who has switched or is in IT say SWITCH...DONE, now it's a matter of what do I get?

    Here are some things I do now & what I may do in future & if possible maybe the input helps guide me, even though I think I know what I want, it cannot hurt to see what others think. Thx in advance for your input & questions.

    HP laptops; XP & Vista OS
    Firefox for web but it sure does crash a lot lately for me
    Lots of surfing (internet addiction, yea maybe?)...cable modem ATT
    D/L music via lime
    Copy DVDs using ripit4me; DVDshrink; DVD decrypt; nero
    Use rar to extract compressed files when needed or if d/l from net
    MS OFFICE user: Excel***, Word**, PPT** so important to have this
    Get or send or use MS docs such as the XLS, DOC, PPT so need to be able to open, save, use, amend, create...
    Taking lots of digital photos; family stuff & have lots on ext HD
    Take videos of kids sporting events so transferring to puter, utubing or creating DVDs; scouting or reviewing sports; eventually maybe doing as hobby where I create either DVDs for team or individuals
    Email: MS Outlook...cable modem...
    Have 16G iPhone so have moved into that communication mode
    iTunes...6g of music & updating weekly
    IM friends & family, yahoo msg
    Have ext 500g HD that I backup & store everything too, so that should be compatible w/ MBP correct w/ USB connection.
    NO GAMING so I don't care about that,,,

    Want to be able to tap MAC into Media Room or Plasma not sure if that makes diff or maybe later on having larger ext monitor for MBP &/or using w/ Big Screens in home.

    I believe that's it in a nutshell.

    So the ? becomes, what MAC to I get?? MBP is what I now do I do 15 or 17. What processor, ram, HD capacity, video

    Price is & isn't an issue but if I can get away with saving some $$ but having potential to make upgrades in future on some things, GOOD. Yea having the latest & greatest is 'COOL' like my iPhone but trying to be a bit more practical but I do love tech stuff & pretty quick at learning.

    Appreciate input...I'm sure I'm forgetting something but wanted to get this started...

    Oh, I have Apple store near, have talked w/ online Apple Rep...any recommendations where to buy would be great too...along w/ suggestions on stuff like apple care, good or bad?

    Cannot wait to get MAC!!!

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    Man you are doing a lot! I think you would be happy with a MacBook Pro if you need the portability but if not and you want a machine that will do things a little better then I would go with an iMac. But I have never needed the portability of a lappy so if you do they go the other route.

    As for the things you are using it for there are Mac options or alternatives for everything you listed so you will be able to keep on trucking with everything. My recommendation is to get as much RAM and HD space as you can will not regret it that I am sure of. As for the processor any of them will serve you well, again I think that the faster the processor and more memory you can get the longer the life span of the system so get as much as you can and stay in budget.

    Buying advice...check the refurbs online at Apple and look at Small Dog Electronics | Small Dog Electronics - New and Refurbished Apple / Mac Computers...they have specials sometimes that will make it cheaper for you to get some of the upgrades as Apple charges a pretty penny for them.

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    Letter, THX. Yea, the portability is something I front of big screen or out by pool, I love having that. Plus ability to take on road trips or family vacas...I'm checking Small Dog now...THX for that.

    I'm in Dallas as I see u are not that far away.

    U have quite a stash of MAC products...very jealous.

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    You could get away with the Macbook, to be honest. So if you're heart is set on the MBP, any processor will do. You might want to up the RAM though - once you've got it, go to and buy their RAM, it's a lot cheaper and essentially the same (the ONLY benefit to getting RAM from Apple is it will be in your system when it arrives).
    You'll also want to get Microsoft Office for Mac - you can pick that up at the Apple Store, or the online store.
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    15.4" MacBook Pro 4GB 500GB 2.4Ghz
    MAC-Media Access Control
    Mac-Macintosh. It really bothers me when people use all CAPS on Mac.

    And here is my input.
    I think that you might be fine with the macbook.
    Previous generation. The new one have a different display output. If a MacBook Pro is in your price range then go for it. But if not and you can only afford a MacBook, That is still great because those little computers can handle quite a bit. I had a MacBook last Sept. and I would be running all of the following and never had a Problem.

    Photoshop CS3
    Final Cut Express 4

    Never had one problem with it slowing down other than when I was rendering a video in FC. You will find some good deals here.The Apple Store (U.S.)

    Those are Apples Refurbished Mac's. They can really save you a few bucks.

    Hope this helped.
    15.4" MacBook Pro Unibody
    2.4GHz 4GB Ram and 500GB HD nVidia Geforce 9600

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