Hi, I just got a new MacBook at work, this is my first Mac. First thing I've noticed is this really irritating vertical bars that come and go, usually on the title bar (where the min/max/close buttons are)

Attached is an example. I'm pretty sure it isn't the video card because I'm able to take screenshots of it. Right now, the menu at the top of this web page is doing it too. Take a look. What do you think could cause this?

Model Name:	MacBook Pro 15"
  Model Identifier:	MacBookPro2,2
  Processor Name:	Intel Core 2 Duo
  Processor Speed:	2.33 GHz
  Number Of Processors:	1
  Total Number Of Cores:	2
  L2 Cache:	4 MB
  Memory:	3 GB
  Bus Speed:	667 MHz
  Boot ROM Version:	MBP22.00A5.B07
  SMC Version:	1.12f5
  Serial Number:	W86470F1W0L
  Sudden Motion Sensor:
  State:	Enabled