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Thread: Cinema HD Display Help

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    Cinema HD Display Help
    Hey all. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have inherited a lot of older mac equipment recently, taking over as the admin at a high school. I have recently found two apple displays.

    The first is a Cinema HD display, model m8536. Here is my issue: When I connect the display to a G4 server edition (to the ADC connector) I see the apple screen, with the rotating sprocket. The second that loads, the display goes black.

    I assumed that the machine was dead. I hooked up a standard CRT to the VGA port on the same video card, and it booted up perfect! So I powered everything down and tried to see if the display was functioning. I plug it back in and see the spinning sprocket, then nothing. I read that its posible for the motherboard battery to die if the machine has sat for too long. This doesn't appear to be the issue, as verything worked fine with the CRT monitor.

    Well, this is where my second display, a studio display, model 2454 comes in. It works perfect. No issues whatsoever. It moves form the Apple screen to the Mac OS X screen, to the log in with great picture quality.

    Did I half-step this troubleshoot in a manner that rules out the video card not being able to handle the m8536? Is there a way, other than a different video card/machine to test the function of the m8536? I'd love to be able to use this display, would make work so much easier. This macbook is awesome, but gets cluttered easily.

    Thanks so much,

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    You'll need a mini DVI to DVI adapter and DVI cable to plug into the HD Cinema display. You'll also need a graphics card capable of rendering the Cinema display to its native resolution which is 1900 X 1200.

    It could be that the graphics ability of the G4 is not capable of properly setting up the HD Cinema display. In order to test the display you'll need to use another machine which can render the high resolution needed. A new MacBook, MBP or iMac should have no problem with it if it's working OK.


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    Is there a list somewhere where I could find out which video cards are acceptable? My understanding is this display came with the G4...but I could be wrong.

    PS, this does not have the power cord system of the newer displays. Its only cable terminates in a ADC. A MBP should have the ADC/DVI connection on it already.

    If I am looking at the right spot, the g4 is using a ATY Rage 128 pro.

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    Any ideas?

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