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    Sep 25, 2007
    One year after the switch
    So, its now been a year after my switch to a Mac, after 27 years on a PC.

    I now have:

    24" 2.8 Alum. iMac
    13" New Alum. Macbook 2.4
    3G iphone
    Apple TV

    Had a Macbook Air for a while, sold it to buy a fancy bike.

    Tshirts and Caps with Apple Logos

    So glad I made the switch, I actually enjoy using my computers now. I still have to use a PC at work, with Citrix no less, ugh.

    Today I have spent several hours today trying to install Office 2008 for Mac. Turns out I had Version 12.0 on the CD so I had to install Versions 12.1.0 SP!, 12.1.1, 12.1.2 and 12.1.3. Of course I didn't know this before I tried to install the update suggested by Microsoft Updater, and they wonder why people don't like MS Software. I had problems too when I installed Office on my iMac.

    So, Mac convert for life here!
    iMac 20" Alu, Macbook Air 1.6, Time Capsule, Apple TV, iPhone 8GB

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    Aug 27, 2008
    iMac 2.4GHz 320GB 4GB Ram ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO with 256MB memory
    I am not sure if this is a fair comment or not
    since I am not technically inclined but someone gave me a nice set of wireless speakers on Friday. They have a PC and bought themselves a pair and liked them. They bought me a pair and said the only problem was it might take me a couple of hours to set them up because it was fussy.

    The CDRom with all the instructions was for PCs only as was the installation and configuration program. I went to the home site and they had no Mac instructions.

    I thought I would have to return them but figured I would check out my keyboard stuff first since it is bluetooth. Lo and behold, under Bluetooth was an assistant that offered to set up my speakers for me. Took a minute.

    Time spent was about half an hour: 29 minutes figuring out how to get around all the PC stuff, 1 minute after I let my iMac do it for me.

    Might be a no brainer if you know what you are doing but I felt so darn pleased with myself.

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