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    another hard drive question
    I am also still a newbie with my macbook--although I have had it long enough to build a 30 gig photo library on my HD which seems to be part of my problem. My original 107 GB HD has dwindled down to 3 GB--I run Aperture for the photos. I work in video production but the videos are on external hd. I want to upgrade to leopard but don't have the space to do so right now--I don't have the space to do anything. My itunes is large as well. I have considered upgrading the original HD itself? Or--how do I transfer some of these larger files to an external hd and free up space on the internal hd? Can something like Aperture or Final Cut run from an external hd? How did I get to 3 GB? I've tried to get rid of as much unnecessary stuff as possible but seem to hardly make a dent.

    Extremely grateful for any assistance--
    kpknox (kate)

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    Aperture runs just fine from an external drive, there's even a how to somewhere on Apples site on doing so, I believe Final Cut does as well. How did you get to 3gb? Don't know for sure since I can't look at your drive, but photos (especially in raw modes) and video take up a ton of space.
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    if you have an IPOD Classic or extra ipod with over 30gigs, you can load some apps/files on that and use it as IPOD/External HDD. less stuff to carry with you.

    I have a 30gig iPod Video that i have my entire music collection on, and photoshop, limewire, and few other apps and backup programs on a separate partition (to keep it secure from the music)

    works great, no problems at all

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    just upgrade the original hd inside your mb..and then load everything back again but try to be more organized and tidy..
    worked well for me
    now i have a 320gig hd replaced the 120gig one came originally with my mbp.
    sooooo much happier
    Just be nice and helpful...

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