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    New Switcher - Which new Mac to buy
    My wife finally decided to retire her 2.5-year old Dell Latitude and donated to her parents. I am trying to get her a mac notebook instead, as she is pretty much online and uses almost no MS software.

    I am very new to Mac even though I have been watching Steve Jobs speech for years. I need to decide between two new Mac notebooks:


    It seems the major differences are processor speed (2.0 vs. 2.4 Hz) and hard drive size. Harddrive size is no issue to me. My question is what difference would a faster processor make on a MacOS? Is it beneficial just for certain Mac software like video editing, or has some impact on overall OS performance?


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    If all you are doing is word processing, surfing the web and watching movies you don't need the faster processor.

    If you do intensive stuff like heavy duty Photo editing at his res and 3D renderings then yeah it helps to have the faster processor.

    Oh and the 2.0 model doesn't have a backlit keyboard. >_>?

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    You'll never notice the difference between the two processors. Sure, you'll knock off 10 minutes off an hour's rendering, but that's about it.

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    I have the 2.4GHZ model, and I can safely say that it's worth every penny. However, you just know the prices are going to come down slightly in a few months; if you can wait that is. I couldn't, and needed it for uni, so I went and snapped one up immediately.

    But like Alexis has said, you probably won't notice the difference in processing speeds. On the other hand, if you get the faster processor now you can ensure that the MacBook will be able to carry out almost anything that you throw at it, and will stay that way for a long time.

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    I would go for the pro. I didn't want to wait and extra 2 months when saving up for mine and I went with the standard 2.4 processor, 2 gigs of ram and 150HDD and now I wish I went with the pro due to what I do on my macbook. In about a year or 2 years I plan on purchasing the newest MPB that's out at that time. But really it's personal preferance. So in your situation I would personally not do any of those and go for a cheaper Macbook. Since the release of these new Macbooks the older models have become cheaper. Read it here.

    Last Gen MacBook Pros $700 Cheaper, MacBook for $849 | The Apple Blog

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    Out of the two options you have provided I'd recommend the 2.4 GHz - In my opinion its always better to go for the faster processor. Also the higher end Macbook has a backlit keyboard unlike the 2ghz model.

    If you have the money however the Macbook Pro is a great machine and has a much bigger screen. You may want to consider purchasing that as a option.
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