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    New to Mac, just got m new Macbook 13"

    I just thought I would write my experience so far as a first time Mac user, well 2nd time if you count when I used a Mac from elementary school. I received my new MacBook 13" yesterday after being one of the first to order over the phone on Tuesday. The MacBook was shipped out Wednesday and arrived overnight, even though I paid for standard shipping, on Thursday. I know most of the stores here in Canada have yet to even see one of these. I went in yesterday to BestBuy to get a case for my new MacBook and asked the Mac representative if he knew which one would fit it. He did not know if the old case would fit it but I thought I would give it a try and to my surprise it is a perfect fit. The laptop is blazingly fast even though I got the 2.0ghz model. The OS is very easy to learn as well. I ordered a Dell laptop at the begining of this month and was going to use the Studio 15 as my PC but when I got this laptop on Tuesday I had already made the decision to switch to a Mac. Out of curiousity I opened up the Dell box, booted up the 2.0ghz Dell PC with 3gigs of ram and what a surprise, the thing weighed a ton and also was slower than my old PC. I was hoping this is not the case with my new MacBook so when this arrived I booted it up and was shocked at how fast the system actually runs. The screen is gorgeous, the keys are laid out very nicely and you can tell the thing is built well compared to the plasticy feel of the Dell. So, end of the day, back goes the Dell and here comes the Mac. Well, I am done ranting on now but I am very excited about this great PC and would recommend anyone that is looking for a new computer to give Mac a shot. It may take some getting used to but so does Vista. Kudos to Mac, well designed and you have now earned yourself a loyal Mac customer.

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    Welcome to the family!
    masakatsu agatsu


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    Congrats on your new purchase!! I am a switcher since July (now using the ole MacBook and LOVE IT!!!

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    Macbook = best bang for the buck in laptops.

    Watching a vista pc boot next to a new mac is pretty funny too.

    I tried a handful of vista laptops before returning them all, throwing my hands up in the air, and saying SCREW IT! I'M BUYING A MAC!

    Boy, am I glad things worked out the way they did. I guess I should thank microsoft for coming out with vista when they did, the timing was perfect.
    Macbook 13" / 320GB 7200 RPM HD 16MB / C2D 2 GHZ / 2GB / Snow Leopard / Boot Camp / XP PRO SP3

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