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    Transferring iTunes music from PC --> Mac?
    What's the easiest way to transfer my iTunes music from my old PC to my new MacBook? Is there a cable i can buy that can transfer these files?

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    The easiest way I've ever done is Trasnfer all the music onto the external hard drive, then transfer the music from that onto the macbook.

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    it might be easier to wipe the ipod clean of all the music (maybe by a factory restore and not allowing it to sync), put it in disk mode. copy and paste the original files to a recognizable folder on the ipod.
    plug your ipod into the mac (without yet installing itunes) and cut and paste the files over. then start a new library and sync.

    ive never done this myself. but its an option if you dont have an external hard drive.

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    To transfer my music I simply used iTunes.

    File -> Librarry -> Back Up To Disk. . .

    When I did mine it only took a couple of DVD-R discs (which did music and tv shows).

    It keeps all of your album art.

    All of this is assuming that you have a dvd burner.

    An alternate (and time consuming method I used when I first got my MacBook last year) was I just did a lot of cd burning and imported a lot of those (30+) and store bought cds (hundreds). It took a really really long time because for the burnt cds I had to re add in all of the titles, artists, album art, etc.
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