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    Aug 04, 2008
    Three problems with my new mac
    1. After the screen saver kicks in and the screen goes blank, the computer goes to sleep, even though I set it up to never go to sleep.

    2. I tried repairing the permissions and I get this message:
    "Started verify/repair permissions on disk disk0s2 Macintosh HD
    Permissions differ on "private/var/log/secure.log", should be -rw------- , they are -rw-r-----
    Warning: SUID file "System/Library/CoreServices/" has been modified and will not be repaired
    Group differs on "private/etc/cups", should be 0, group is 26
    Permissions differ on "private/var/spool/cups/cache/rss", should be drwxr-xr-x , they are drwxrwxr-x"

    3. I verified and get this: "/Users/dserban2/Library/Preferences/
    Conversion of data failed. The file is not UTF-8, or in the encoding specified in XML header if XML."

    Thank you for helping!

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    Did you try calling Applecare?
    "There are those who talk, and without knowledge or forethought reveal a truth which they themselves do not understand."

    -Khalil Jibran

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    Aug 04, 2008
    No, but I will. In order to get a competent response from them I have to be on the phone for hours.

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    Have you tried deleting everything in your ~/Library/Preferences folder? This would be the easiest way to deal with wonky preference files.

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    Oct 23, 2008
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    is it safe to delete ALL the files
    I'm having the same response. oh, my computer is soooooo slow. not like a mac. ( I've owned them for years.){smile}
    Discerptor asked
    "Have you tried deleting everything in your ~/Library/Preferences folder? This would be the easiest way to deal with wonky preference files."

    Is that Okay/safe????

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    Put your OS X cd in, boot up holding C and select Disk Utility from the drop down menu. Then do a disk repair.

    There's a limit to what Disk Repair can fix within OSX because it can't mess too much with system files. Booting from the CD means it has access to all files.

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