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    Well now that they're here...
    I posted here a while ago about switching to mac

    Im looking to get into video editing (making action sports films). I have been waiting to see about the new macbook rumors b4 I jumped in...

    I know that I should get a MBP but I just cant justify spending that much at this point... I know, I know but seriously that is a lot of money and I cant get that much together, I have a sincere kayaking addiction that will always take priority...

    So with this in mind, how would the new macbook do, it seems the new graphics card is pretty good. is it that much better than the old MB??? Can you upgrage the prodessor with the new MB???My origional intent was to buy a refurb MB from apple, upgrade the RAM to 4 gig and get going.

    So with those points in mind, what would you do?

    Thanks guys and gals

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    Apple say its "4 times as powerful" - a 400% increase in power? erm, no. It's better but not "OH MY GOD I MUST BUY THIS MACHINE NOW" better. But if you want a computer to do video editing, MBP will be recommended everytime.

    The new macbook will meet your needs without a fuss though! just a little bit slower than the mbp

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    The new MacBook does NOT have firewire! If your only option is to transfer your video camera content via firewire, then you are SOL with the new MacBook.

    If cost is an issue, you could by the older version of the MacBook which is now available at $999. Or look into a refurb MacBook or MacBook Pro. You can get a refurm MBP for as little as $1,349.00.

    Remember that you pay a premium for any laptop, so if cost is a bigger issue than portability, look at getting an iMac.
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