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Thread: What Mac will suit me best? I'm torn!

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    What Mac will suit me best? I'm torn!
    hey guys,

    i'm wanting some opinions. i am an architecture student at ohio state university and i'm looking for a system that i can run autocad 2009 on.

    now, i really love my macbook. it is my second apple notebook and i think i decided i never want to use a different machine. i have been debating on either a 17inch macbook pro with the 2.4ghz or 2.5ghz processor. i even have contemplated on the 15inch but im worried about screen space and i think i may regret it if i get the 15 instead of 17. BUT, i have also looked at the 24" imac with the 3.06ghz processor. i can get it at apple for 1899 refurb'ed and the 17inch pro will cost me 2799.

    i figured i would only use the new computer for gaming and autocad work (dual booting with windows xp sp2). i already have my macbook (1.83ghz late 06 model) and it suits me well as far as personal use goes. so if i was only going to spend my time at the new computer while at a chair, do i even need another notebook? this is where the imac wins me. huge screen (compared to the pro anyway), it'd be stationary (since i have my macbook to tote around), and it has a much faster processor, not to mention the 500gb hard drive. the biggest pro for the imac is the price tag from apple, 1899!

    it looks like i made my own mind up, but what do you guys think? i think it's a given, but i dont want to make a choice i'm going to regret. im not too up to date on the issues with the imac's and performing quality. on paper they look fantastic, so anyone, please help.

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    Apple iMac 3.06GHz unboxing, hands-on, and benchmarking - Engadget

    great table of comparison here. like i mentioned, imac on paper looks too **** good! if money wasnt an issue, i'd go with a mac pro but of course, money is an issue.

    anyway, im still wanting opinions on how it operates in real life!

    i saved a cart at apple, grand total for the imac 24" 3.06ghz, wireless keyboard and mouse comes to only 2163.82 after taxes.

    a 17" mbp w/2.6ghz refurb'ed is 2699.00 before taxes. i'd be dumb to spend otherwise it looks like.

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    I am not sure why you're even asking this. If you already have a portable that does everything you need on the road, and you want the best value desktop, the iMac is the way to go. What you could do, is sell your MacBook (maybe $650 or so) and buy a MBP with an external monitor, which would save all the hassle of fussing around with two machines.
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