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    Question which model for first Mac???
    I'd like to move from pc to Mac to get the stability of the OS. My needs are pretty basic. I need web access for email and forums I participate in as well as yahoo messenger to keep up with a few friends. I need basic excel/word compatibility for my expense tracking and payroll spreadsheets and a little correspondence now and then. I need to run a windows emulator for some radio programming software that doesn't have a Mac version. I want Streets and Trips. I need portability. That's pretty much it.

    I've been pretty focused on a macbook until today looking at craigslist. I've seen some ibooks at near giveaway prices and thought that might do for what I want to do or at least do a lot of it and let me get used to Mac systems. I won't do anything before seeing what happens Tuesday but wanted input on whether a g3 would be enough horsepower for what I want to do or how far back in models I could go and be good for say 12-18 months.
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    Well since you didn't list many things that are going to have your processor and ram get all upset with you I say you go with the 1099.99 basic macbook.

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    I'm sure any of the current models would be fine. My question is which older models would be good in case I find a good deal locally.
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    Every use you mentioned can be done on a G3 provided at least 256mb of memory and an install of at least 10.3.9.

    However, for running Windows, you'd want an Intel processor (newer mac models) so you can run Windows natively.

    I've tried VM software to run Windows 98 on my G4, 1ghz powerbook. Stuff takes for ever to load. Boot time almost takes 30 minutes. Windows is just not usable on a PPC Mac.
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    If you want to run windows with any speed, you'll have to go intel mac. If you want to go rock bottom price, look for a used macbook. $600 will get you what you need.

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    Wait until tomorrow before making any kind of decision, as new notebooks are to be unveiled at Apple's special event. A cheaper Macbook is rumoured to be amongst the offerings.

    Edit: Stupid me, I've just noticed that you already said this in your original post lol

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